Stretch Tents

stretch-tent-hireStretch tents offer a really flexible alternative for events.

Freestyle structures that look amazing, can fit any area and are suitable for uneven ground.

Lots of scope to choose size, shape and colour to create your perfect event space.

The stretch tent uses the very latest tent manufacturing technology. They are fully waterproof and can be tailored to suit the weather. If the sun is shining, you can fold up the sides and let the sun and breeze into the tent. If the weather is bad, then you can roll them down to protect people inside from the rain.

Using engineered fabric which complies with fire and safety standards, these stretch tents for hire have a beautiful structure that is guaranteed to work with your event.

Stretch tents are an amazing and versatile product that can be installed pretty much anywhere cover is needed. We have lots of different shapes and sizes and they can be used on sloping ground or uneven surfaces and most obstacles can be overcome. Making them much more adaptable than marquees.

We work in partnership with one of the worlds leading manufacturers and have access to 1000’s of square metres of stock.

Stretch tents are incredibly eye catching and are suitable for everything from the most sophisticated of events to laid back, fun parties.
Their flexible, innovative nature makes them perfect for weddings, corporate events, sporting occasions, private parties, festivals, live events, birthdays – in face anything you can think of!

Their contemporary, flowing, freeform shapes and lines compliment our tipis perfectly and are available in very similar colours.

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